A Patriotic Predicament
12:30 video
Chrissy got a sexy new American Flag bikini to show off at the summer kick off pool party this weekend, but unfortunately she won’t be able to make up since she’s a little (or a lot!) tied up at the moment! Earlier she was showing it off for her friends as they were getting ready, and Chrissy’s so called friend got so jealous that she told Chrissy she couldn’t go to the party because she would steal all the attention! Chrissy refused to back down, she had been looking forward to the party too! So to be sure Chrissy wouldn’t make it, she tightly bound and gagged her, mouth packed with cloth to keep her quiet!
Chrissy was left alone and is now helplessly struggling and trying to escape, while everyone is enjoying the party without her. She bitches through her gag that she can’t believe her friend would do this to her! She fights hard to get to her feet, thinking maybe she could hop to the door. It takes her a while to manage to stand up, a much more difficult task than she thought it would be! Hopping also turns out to be impossible, her legs are so tightly bound together that she can barely stay standing, leaning against the wall until she falls back to the floor and continues tirelessly struggling! Chrissy’s bikini top starts to become untied while the ropes have yet to budge. She knows she’s in quite the predicament, as she grows more weak from her intense struggling and notices the lack of circulation to her hands and arms getting worse and worse!
Just when she thinks theres no hope, she hears the door open. Just in time, it’s Chrissy’s boyfriend to the rescue! Despite her frantic struggling and gag talking, her boyfriend doesn’t understand the urgency of the situation. He just stands there telling her how hot she looks tied up and gagged and how he wants to have more fun with her like while she’s like this, freeing her tits from her string bikini top and groping them. She mmpphhs frantically in protest, but it just makes him like it more, so he lifts her up and carries her away for some bound up bedroom fun!

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